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Firefly MicrocellTM Carbon Foam (MCF) batteries offer a revolutionary new pathway to tap into the vast new global market for energy storage. Validated by demanding customers and third party testing, this product is commercially available worldwide. Its price and performance overcome the current barriers and offer a practical pathway to accelerate the explosive growth experienced by the global energy storage market.

MCF Batteries offer 2-3 times the life and lower life cycle cost compared to current Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries. It is compatible with legacy battery management systems and can be recycled within the existing infrastructure.

Firefly’s “Oasis” GROUP 31 Battery offers equal or superior performance compared to new and emerging battery technologies such as Li-Ion, Lead Carbon and Ultracap batteries at a fraction of the cost.

MCF Lead Acid battery uses the same underlying chemistry as the well proven Lead Acid Battery chemistry, which has over 160 years of well understood performance in the field, while overcoming its limitations.

“Innovation takes Wings!”


  • 2007 Wall Street Journal
  • Technology Innovation Award
  • Firefly Energy: 2007 Winner
  • R&D 100 Awards
  • 2007 R&D 100 Award
  • Firefly Energy: 2007 Winner


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