Firefly’s disruptive and advanced battery technology was originally developed in the R&D laboratories of CATERPILLAR, a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy equipment, with significant internal investments. CATERPILLAR got involved in
lead acid batteries as they had significant failures in the normal lead acid batteries which were fitted on their heavy equipment. A Carbon Foam Grid was developed and used to make the plates of well established & proven Lead Acid Battery Chemistry.
High sulphation resistance and delayed corrosion of positive plates provided 2-3 times enhancement in the performance of these Batteries.

Firefly Energy was set up in 2000 at Peoria, Illinois, being the world headquarters of CAT. Looking at the potential of this technology, a patent application was filed and a US Patent was granted in 2005 for the use of Carbon Foam in lead acid batteries. After intensive product development & tests, “Oasis” batteries were offered to several customers in small quantities in 2007.

Several Patents have since been filed and the technology is patented in several countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and India.

When CATERPILLAR made a decision to shed its non-core equipment businesses in 2010, Firefly International Energy Co. acquired the technology along with all the Patents, R&D, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment.

In 2011, Firefly developed and perfected the processes required to manufacture the Microcell Carbon Foam, a key ingredient in the new revolutionary battery, in-house, and at a highly competitive cost. With new investments, Firefly is manufacturing the patented Carbon Foam battery in-house since 2012 in its 53,000 square feet facility in Peoria which includes, among other equipment, a state of the art testing area with over 200 battery test channels.

Under a license agreement granted to Firefly Batteries Pvt. Ltd., a large scale, world class manufacturing facility has been set-up in India and production has commenced from December, 2014.