The electricity demand of households has been growing rapidly for the last decades. This requires the large distribution network for Electric supply. This requires large infrastructure with huge cost. The only solution is to monitor / shift the peak power demandsduring complete 24 hours by using PV Solar & efficient battery storage based on advance battery technology. Load shifting is thepractice of managing electricity supply and demand so that peak energy use is shifted to off-peak periods.

The goal of Demand-Side Management (DSM) is to reduce electricity demand, and to increase the efficiency of the system by“bringing both demand and supply to the best possible low value”. Characteristic for DSM is that it tries to manage the demand on the customer side of the meter and not the supply side. Power consumption of Smart home appliances are being controlled by DSM.

Firefly Advance Microcell Carbon Foam Batteries are extremely suitable for energy storage system as batteries are always in partialstate of discharge. Salient features are as follows:

  • Carbon Foam Batteries delivers 7000 life cycles at 35% DOD.
  • These battery banks can be made in the capacity of megawatts depending on series parallel combinations.
  • Firefly is also supplying active battery management system (BEMS) for individual batteries.
  • Long life cycles, efficient fast charging, low cost, Sealed & maintenance free Batteries are the extremely importantfeatures.