A microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid.

Any small-scale localized station with its own power resources, generation and loads and definable boundaries qualifies as amicrogrid. Microgrids can be intended as back-up power or to bolster the main power grid during periods of heavy demand.Often, microgrids involve multiple energy sources as a way of incorporating renewable power.

Microgrids can support integration of intermittent energy sources such as solar and batteries storage. When the sun doesn’tshine, microgrid operators can get power from batteries. while during the charging of batteries, microgrid gets the power frommain grid.

Benefits of Microgrid :

  • Microgrids can provide electric service to regions and communities that are currently unserved.
  • Can provide substantial savings and cut emissions
  • Can provide high quality and reliable energy supply to critical loads
  • Large infrastructure is avoided
  • Efficient & reliable
  • Creates new forms of consumer participation

Storage Batteries :

The Success of Microgid operative system for Individual homes, municipal regions, industrial parks, etc. depends entirely onstorage batteries. Most of the times the Batteries are in partial state of discharge. Firefly manufactures suitable batteries forMicrogrid operation from 100AH to 1000AH with the latest technology Advance Microcell Carbon Foam. The extra ordinaryfeature for Firefly Butteries are illustrated below.

  • Life cycle>3500 cycles at 50% DOD
  • Fast Charging
  • Low cost in caparison of any Advance Battery Technology.
  • Sealed Batteries. There is no need of topping of water.
  • Recycling of batteries is possible.
  • Batteries are suitable for charge / discharge under -20°C.
  • Scrap value of batteries after usage.