Whether it’s a boat, or RV, we need reliable batteries to relax and enjoy all our leisure activities.

Market Facts:

  • Most boat batteries are “dual-purpose” – starting / cycling
  • Large RVs require separate deep-cycle batteries for overnight “house loads”
  • Limited space for the battery, so energy density is highly valued
  • Battery sulphation during off-season storage is a major issue

Firefly Value Proposition:

  • Continuous power through discharge process for deep cycle RV “house Loads”
  • Excellent energy density due to carbon foam grids construction
  • Capability for fast recharge to full capacity
  • Highly resistant to sulphation during off-season storage
  • Higher retention of capacity in cold temperature
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
  • Sealed maintenance free design
  • Less than half the cost per cycle of traditional batteries