Energy Storage / UPS / Telecom

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Firefly MCF are advanced valve regulated lead acid maintenance free batteries. Heavy-duty thick plates with a unique manufacturing process make these batteries the most suitable for higher cyclic life & efficient performance under Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operating conditions. Also other unique design features improve temperature tolerance hence suitable for higher operating temperature/ Outdoor site operations.

Telecom BTS sites depend heavily on standby power i.e. batteries and DG, due to poor & unreliable grid power. Operating conditions in these areas subject the batteries to deep cycling & partial state of charge operation. The challenge in maintaining site uptime through uninterrupted power is highly dependent on the consistent & reliable performance of the battery. Firefly MCF Heavy duty batteries are designed to meet the growing need of reliable power.

Our batteries are ideal for use in harsh operating environments, as well as remote locations where the lack of infrastructure, such as electricity, requires a reliable, highly efficient power source.

Whether operating a solar-powered chemical injection pump, supporting remote SCADA monitoring, or powering lighting and surveillance equipment, Firefly MCF batteries deliver maximum sustained performance and increased total energy output required by Telecom, Renewable Energy, oil and gas, railways, emergency lighting over time.

In this technological age, back-up energy management and storage play a vital role.

Market Facts:

  • Grid corrosion and active material shedding are key failure modes
  • Reliability and life are key concerns of this market
  • Most batteries used in these applications are of the Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) configuration