PV Solar / Wind / Hybrid Gensets

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A short-life battery without the robustness to tolerate the heavy cycling and harsh use that your renewable energy system demands can soon make your storage system a costly burden. Enter the Firefly Oasis battery, designed specifically for deep-discharge, abusive conditions. No other battery comes close.

Renewable energy sources are capable of powering homes and businesses. However, their energy sources are not always available as in the case of solar panels at night or overcast days and wind turbines on a still day. To supplement these periods of no energy, batteries must be utilized. This results in batteries being subjected to deep discharge during the lapses of renewable energy and recharge when the energy returns. Traditional batteries used in this application are not designed to cater to this kind of discharge and charge cycles which causes a drop in capacity in as little as 200 cycles. This is where the Oasis battery is far ahead of the competition.

Firefly OASIS MCF G31 battery represents a new and revolutionary approach to storing energy. Unlike conventional lead acid batteries – which use grids of lead alloy and have short lives when heavily discharged – Oasis uses the patented Microcell Carbon foam technology to deliver more power and longer life under extreme conditions. In fact, Oasis has been engineered from the ground up to meet the highly strenuous energy demands of renewable energy systems and thus enable users to hassle free and “Power-full” lives.

Off-Grid/Micro Grid applications require:

  • Autonomy for several days
  • Deep cycle operation
  • Long life, even with partial state of charge operations
  • Low cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Durability, even in extreme temperatures
  • Simple battery management system

On-Grid systems require:

  • High discharge current capacity for demand reduction
  • Daily deep cycling
  • Fast recharge to full capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Competitive cost for load shifting
  • Battery Management systems compatible with legacy systems