RV / Marine

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Whether it’s a boat, or RV, we need reliable batteries to relax and enjoy all our leisure activities.

Owning the highest quality equipment with the most reliable power for your Marine or RV is a top priority for what matters most to you. Whatever your passion, nothing brings you closer to the great outdoors than a battery that provides rugged durability with outstanding performance.

Engineered specifically to meet the increasing demands of today’s recreation enthusiasts, Firefly MCF Technology results in a superior battery with maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy.

Firefly OASIS MCF G31 are non-spillable, maintenance-free Gel batteries that deliver superior power in demanding Marine and RV applications. Proprietary formulations provide consistent performance and significant advantages over competing products.

Selecting the wrong type of battery will cause disappointing performance, shortened lifetime and wasted money.

Most flooded starting and traditional AGM batteries are best suited for intermittent use and not deep-cycle applications.

FIREFLY OASIS batteries are the pinnacle of AGM battery technology. Backed by up to a 2 years warranty and additional 4 years warranty on prorated basis. FIREFLY micro carbon foam batteries are built to provide years of worry-free and maintenance-free operation.

Market Facts:

  • Most boat batteries are “dual-purpose” – starting / cycling
  • Large RVs require separate deep-cycle batteries for overnight “house loads”
  • Limited space for the battery, so energy density is highly valued
  • Battery sulphation during off-season storage is a major issue