Buses and delivery trucks can put unusual demands on batteries that they were not designed for. Long periods of shut-down or idling while running auxiliary loads such as lighting, air-conditioning, or lifts will often exceed the vehicle alternator’s ability to keep up.

The battery is therefore forced to supply the additional electric load and gradually discharges, subjecting the battery to sulphation and damaging conditions in low state-of-charge. A traditional lead acid battery may last a few months to a couple of years in these scenarios, but the Firefly Oasis was designed exactly for this. What other battery manufacturers consider abuse, Firefly considers normal-use. The Oasis was designed for deep-discharging and long periods of time when the battery may never see a full recharge. Firefly’s Microcell technology makes all the difference. For the fleet owner, this means saving cash and downtime by extending their battery replacement battery period by 3 to 5 times.

Anti-idling legislation, diesel pollution standards, and daily driving limits all conspire to force truckers to find new ways to power their sleeper cabs’ “hotel loads” (air-conditioning, lights, TV, etc.). One alternative is to rely on batteries to provide engine-off power to these loads. However, classic “Group 31” sized lead acid batteries, which have historically been bought by trucking industry based on “Cold Cranking” (CCA) and low price, won’t stand up to the repeated daily strain of full discharges and recharges. A more robust battery solution is needed.

Firefly Energy brings the most powerful and longest running BCI Group 31 battery to the trucking industry. By taking advantage of Firefly’s unique Microcell™ Carbon Foam cell architecture, the Oasis™ Group 31 battery is capable of powering “engine-off” overnight loads without the fuel consumption, pollution, and maintenance issues associated with heavier diesel auxiliary power units. The Oasis battery offers the highest continuous reserve capacity, and the fastest recharge capability of any battery available to the over the road trucker today. In addition to power, Oasis will last three times longer than current Group 31 batteries. The carbon foam powered Oasis battery, based on Microcell™ Carbon Foam technology, makes lead-acid batteries obsolete.